Comedian Nacia Walsh Drops Some Mom Truth Bombs

As mothers, we often find ourselves grappling with the need to preserve some vestiges of our own passions and pursuits while juggling the needs of our family. The balance can be precarious at times, and we often find ourselves struggling to combat guilt and/or self-doubt while embarking on each whirlwind of a day.

For Nacia Walsh, the very act of maintaining her personal passions amidst the chaos of raising four kids is what motivated her to develop a podcast devoted to discussing the real, honest, and often hilarious moments of parenthood. As a writer, actress, podcast host, and contributor to CafeMom, “Good Morning America,” and “The Today Show,” Nacia has steadfastly nurtured her talents while raising sons Tyler (18), Bryson (11), Nolan (6), and daughter Anica (2) in Hudson Valley, NY.

We talked with Nacia about her evolving perspective on parenting, the motivation behind her parenting podcast, and the sources of inspiration that encourage her to pursue her unique content.


“I host a weekly podcast called “Parenting On The Fly.” The show came from the idea that we’re all ‘making this stuff up as we go,’ and that we are no experts. I use my improvisational [acting] training to interview and play games with everyday funny parents. And I’m currently working on selling my own comedy pilot.

I’m most proud of creating my own content. It really allowed me to value the creative process, hard work, and to be open to tweaking things when they don’t work. 

Nacia Walsh and her family

Nacia and her family

“My level of patience is a quarter of what it used to be, but also my level of letting shit slide has increased by four. I lose it way faster than when I had one kid, but my youngest gets away with murder compared to my oldest. I’m basically a shell of my former self, just trying to keep it together while stepping over hockey sticks and listening to “Let It Go” on repeat.

You will always feel guilt no matter what you do; you’ll never get used to cleaning up figurative and literal shit, and no matter how mad your children make you, when they go to sleep they look like angels and all is forgiven.”


“Whenever I show up on time for a school event, or my kids have on matching socks, or when someone compliments my ‘polite’ children.”

Nacia Walsh on Good Morning America

Nacia Walsh on “Good Morning America”

“A few months back, I went to a comedy show. It was standing room only. Instead of trying to squeeze in to see the stage, my friends and I sat and listened to the show. We went to the restroom (which we wouldn’t have done if we had been standing, afraid of losing our spot). In the empty bar area I ran into the stars of the show, Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson… AND their special guests, the stars of the movie “Girls Trip” Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith. I got to meet them and speak with them about how much their careers have inspired me.

I’m also inspired by actress Issa Rae, director Ava Duvernay, my mom, and anyone who overcomes the odds with grace.”


“I want to lose 10 pounds without giving up cheese, and sell my pilot to Netflix.”


Three kid items you can’t live without?

Snacks, snacks, and snacks. No one told me all they do is EAT!

Three words that describe you today?

Tired, determined, and optimistic.

Vacation you need right now?

Anywhere warm and beachy with a close group of girlfriends. Preferably somewhere with a spa and where I don’t have to wash dirty jock straps.

You have a rare moment to yourself—what are you doing with it?

Dancing, whether it be in a class or out with friends. It’s my exercise and fun all in one.

Favorite show to binge-watch?

“The Handmaid’s Tale.” After every episode, I’m like, ‘This show makes me so mad! Cue up another!’

Favorite app?

Instagram. I’m a visual person, so pretty pictures, food porn, and cute kids are what keep me in bed each morning when I’m supposed to be up doing the whole parenting thing.