Fed is Best

Like many people across America, we believe that the formula shortage is a national emergency. At Babyation, we have always said that Fed is Best, and that philosophy matters now more than ever. We stand firmly with all parents, and if there’s a way to make their lives easier, we will find a way to show up for them.Here are some concrete steps we’re already taking:


  • Babyation has made a donation to Baby2Baby’s emergency formula fund. Babyation’s founders have also made personal donations.
  • We are talking to formula companies to offer our manufacturing capacity to them. As a breast pump manufacturer in St. Louis, Missouri, we are already an FDA-registered facility with a compliant quality system and a certified cleanroom. Our amazing team has offered to work extra shifts as well.
  • We have made a donation to the Mother’s Milk Bank at Austin.
  • We are also giving first priority in our Give Back program to anyone who is willing to donate a portion of their milk.
It doesn’t matter how we feed our babies, only that they have access to the best nutrition for them and their families. If there are other ways we can help or other steps you’d like to see us take, please email us at  We may not be the biggest company, but we can’t sit idly by and not try to do everything in our power to help.
Sam and Jared
Co-Founders of Babyation
Samantha Rudolph

Sam is the co-founder and CEO of Babyation. She is also the mom of two boys, Exton and Oden. Sam is very pumped about the launch of her third "baby," The Pump by Babyation.