From our Babyation Ambassador Files: Jennifer Barnett’s Story!

We are so thrilled to have launched our Babyation Ambassador program (YAY Baby- NATION!). Hearing from all of you has truly made our day/week/month and we wanted to share some of your stories here on the blog. The motherhood journey is just that- a journey. We are all going through it, figuring out what works best, what doesn’t work, and what advice we just need to ignore (spoiler: a lot of it!).

Jennifer Barnett summed up the motherhood journey so well that we are sharing her words here.

Hopefully, it makes all the new moms out there feel less alone and that we are in this together. Thank you to Jennifer for being so open and honest and willing to share her story.

“We have so many things to worry about as a first-time mother! During my pregnancy, I had done so much research about babies, breastfeeding, and specifically exclusive pumping. After reading about so many mother’s daily struggles with pumping, I knew I didn’t want it to discourage me so I began compiling all their notes about what the perfect, most ideal pump would be, and that’s how I found Babyation!”

“I ordered The Pump a couple months before my due date and I’m so glad I did because baby Jaxson arrived three weeks early! Pumping with Babyation helped me turn what others describe as a very daunting, anxiety-inducing, and tiring chore into a self-care ritual that I’ve created for myself. I have been confident in pumping daily with The Pump and even started creating a freezer stash for myself!” 


“Aside from the pump’s compact and thoughtful design, I love that I can also pump braless, quietly, and express more milk than my Medela pump. I am coming up on five months of exclusive pumping with no signs of stopping all thanks to The Pump.”

Thank you for sharing your ever-evolving journey, Jennifer! We are so glad we can be here for you and help in making your pumping journey feel like a success!

At Babyation, we see you because we’ve lived it, and that’s why everything we do is rooted in our respect for women’s time and work — physical and emotional, paid and unpaid.