Gearing Up for Delivery Day

Nothing can truly prepare you for childbirth. Friends may terrify you with tales of mesh panties and giant pads that make you sit four inches taller in your seat. But until the nurse hands them over, you can’t truly grasp the horror of what delivering a baby does to your nether region.

While you can’t plan for everything, you can prep for it. And one way to alleviate the stress is being able to dash out the door when the contractions kick in. With The Push Pack, moms Gillian Kalisky and Stephanie Fern provide moms-to-be with a maternity bag packed with personal hygiene products, toiletries, and fun goodies that are hospital-ready and right at hand.

For Stephanie, mom to 22-month-old Seraphina, knowing what to pack for the hospital was overwhelming. Push Pack removes any questions by filling every colorful, stylish cosmetic bag with high-quality natural and organic products based on the recommendations of moms who have been through this birthing thing a time or two. From nipple cream and snacks to disposable underwear and luxury shampoos, Push Pack lets moms cross one thing off their crowded to-do list.

To help first-time moms know what to expect on the big day, new mom Stephanie shares her experiences and some tips to ease your pre-birth stress.


“In those weeks leading up to delivery day, do things for you. From here on out you’ll only be worried about this little person, which is an amazing thing, but it leaves you no time for yourself. Right now you need to spoil yourself. Go to a movie. Sit with your feet up and watch TV. Spend the day relaxing. You’ll have these days again, but not for months [or years, if we’re really being honest].”


“Everyone tells you to pack your bag a couple of weeks before the due date, which is a great tip. The tricky part is how do you remember the items you’re using right now, like your toothbrush? In a rush, you end up forgetting it. Like I didn’t bring shampoo and conditioner. And lip balm is a must—I really struggled with chapped lips in the hospital.

You want to treat yourself while you’re in the hospital since you never know what they’ll provide. Having nicer products, like a good facial toner and a quality shampoo—they’re great when you’re not feeling or looking your best. With Push Pack, we want women to feel beautiful since having a baby is the most beautiful thing you can do.”

Push Pack

Photo provided by The Push Pack


“I knew nothing about nipple cream or breast pads going in. The hospital may provide them, but you really need to stock up for when you come home. Breastfeeding is wonderful, but no one really prepares you for what all comes along with it. I had no idea how important they were.”


“A robe and a pajama-style nursing type are musts! One thing that would have been really helpful was a pair of pajama pants. Because I had an emergency C-section, the nurses had me walk around the hallways to help with my healing. You don’t want to be embarrassed when people pass by!”


“The first day in the hospital was my birthday. I was just waiting for someone to bring me a birthday cake—I mean, it was my 40th! All the nurses told me we’re going to have a party, so I sat there waiting for something. That something was an epidural, and at that moment, it was the greatest gift ever! Another great thing about staying at our hospital was the food. They had the most amazing mocktails and warm cookies every day. Savor that time at the hospital because it’s your last time to relax for a long while!”


“One of my biggest tips is to limit the number of visitors you have and how long they stay. You are so excited to show off your baby, but you really do need to rest and figure out everything before you go home. Rest is so important to your health and your baby’s. The same can be said when you go home. With a C-section, no one told me how important it was to go home and straight to bed. Those two weeks after delivery can be really painful!”


“It’s important to have a birth plan, but know that plan can quickly change. I didn’t want an emergency C-section. But I wanted a healthy baby, so I had to be OK with whatever would be safest for her. Once your baby is in your arms, you forget about the plan you had prepared. You’re just focused on her!”

Nicole Plegge

St. Louis mom Nicole Plegge is a lifestyle and pop culture blogger for a number of online publications. Besides working as a freelance writer and public relations specialist (in addition to raising two daughters and a husband), Nicole spends her days searching for her misplaced car keys and hunting for her other shoe. Her biggest regret is never being accepted to the Eastland School for Girls. Follow Nicole on Twitter @STLWriterinIL.