Ask The Expert: How do I know when my baby is hungry?

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We are breaking down the questions by subject. Today we are discussing signs that help us know when our baby is hungry.


Meet Sarah Smith. Certified Lactation Counselor and on our amazing customer service team. (Seriously, if you ever need help, Sarah is just an email away).

Q: How do I know when my baby is hungry?

A: Many moms are familiar with rooting, flexing, and sucking as clear signs a baby is hungry, but the first feeding cue you should be looking for is the presence of rapid eye movement (REM) during your baby’s active sleep state. Full-term newborns transition to REM about every 20-30 minutes, but this lengthens as they grow. The cues of rooting, flexing, and sucking come next.  Crying is the final feeding signal, and babies do not feed as well once they reach this point, so try to avoid that.


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