Ask The Expert: How to prepare stored milk for feedings?


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Q: How do I prepare my milk for feedings?


If pumped milk is in the fridge, you have a few options for warming it up: 

  1. A bottle warmer (the most common way). PS- one of our favorites
  2. Put it under warm tap water or heat a bowl of water for the bag to sit in for a few minutes. As the milk warms, you want to swirl it a bit, so the fat will incorporate back in.


If milk is frozen, you have the following options:

  1. Put it in the fridge the night before to start the thawing process. 
  2. Thaw it by running under a faucet with warm water.
  3. Put it directly into a bottle warmer to thaw and warm. (It will just take a bit longer.)


A few helpful don’ts when it comes to breastmilk.

  1. Never shake breast milk, as it can damage the proteins. 
  2. Breast milk should never be microwaved – it can destroy the milk proteins and create hot spots, which could burn a baby.
  3. Do not warm it up and then cool it down again. As painful as it is, if a baby only drinks part of the bottle, you’ll need to throw the remaining milk away. Otherwise, you run the risk of bacteria growth.

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