How We Supported Mothers At The New York City Marathon

In collaboration with the incredible &Mother and New York Road Runners, Babyation set up lactation stations for moms who were running in the NYC Marathon. Our pumping stations were at the start, finish, and mile 16.
We were amazed by the number of pumping moms (almost 50!), and we were humbled by their appreciation and gratefulness. It meant so much to support these incredible people as they undertook a huge feat.
One of the main reasons we show up is that we believe that being a nursing or pumping mom or caregiver should not be a barrier to being a running mom or caregiver.⁠
“I wouldn’t have done a marathon if you guys weren’t here. Thank you so much for being here.” 
-Tanya L.

We were able to provide our individual pumping kits for pumping women so they could pump, store and get on with their run without having to think about dropping their pumps off at each location.


“It is essential to examine processes to ensure that we remove or minimize barriers to provide accessibility, deliver the necessary infrastructure, and establish standards for runners to participate fully in our races,” said Erica Edwards-O’Neal, Senior VP of Culture, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at NYRR. 



At Babyation, we see you because we’ve lived it, and that’s why everything we do is rooted in our respect for women’s time and work — physical and emotional, paid and unpaid.