Marie Claire Power Trip 2022

Babyation had the privilege to participate in Marie Claire’s 7th Annual Power Trip, which connects some of today’s most influential women across the US for a 36-hour summit that began in the sky. We were pumped to be the lactation provider on the flight. The flight was comprised of entirely women, including an all-women flight crew.

Lactation Station getting set up on the plane! 

This year’s summit theme was “Power Your Purpose”, bringing women together to reprioritize what’s most important to them, whether it’s living a more purpose-driven life, leading a double-bottom line company, seeing more of the world, or meeting more interesting people.

This statement from Sally Holmes, editor-in-chief of Marie Claire US, sums up the trip perfectly:

If there’s anything the events of the last few years have underscored, it’s that we have a responsibility not just to ourselves but to the world around us–and we have absolutely no time to waste. This year’s Power Trip was built to create 36 energizing and inspirational hours that encourage attendees to ask themselves: What’s important to my employees, to my company, to myself as a leader? While learning how to forge answers to those questions from some of the most powerful female leaders.”

At Babyation, we believe that breast pumps should be everywhere that women are, whether it’s in the sky or the ground. We aim to give you back time and peace of mind, no matter where you are in your journey.



At Babyation, we see you because we’ve lived it, and that’s why everything we do is rooted in our respect for women’s time and work — physical and emotional, paid and unpaid.